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 “The plus side of suspending furniture is immediately apparent: With no heavy legs, the room feels light and open." 

"Mr. Bernstein’s designs easily pass the stability test… Throw your weight against the glass bar and [a glass of water] will not move at all…[he] also designed a multilevel seating/eating system that opens like a pinwheel to form a variety of shapes."

New York Times, December 28, 2006

"…while New York architect Robert Bernstein has just added to his line a stainless steel [stair] that hangs from the ceiling by cables – and literally looks as if it’s floating in air.”

The Wall Street Journal, December 16, 2005

" 'Steel is incredibly strong in tension. You can use very little material to hold up tremendous weights' says Bernstein, who in addition to being an architect also holds a confidence-boosting engineering degree from Cornell."

Forbes Life magazine, October 2006

"...only using a few cables, the steel table floats in the air.  The shape...encourages meeting and socializing, and keeps people around the table in close proximity."

"designer" magazine, Singapore issue 12 (2006)

"Blurring the line between contemporary furniture and modern art is this collection of suspended furniture from Bernstein Architecture..."

  "map" magazine, Brisbane, Australia, September 2007

"Architect Rob Bernstein designs indoor and outdoor suspended homes, rooms, stairs, and furniture, each supported only by the tension of metal cables."

View on Colour ,Paris vol. 22

" 'What differentiates this suspended stair from other cable-supported stairs is that there are no rigid supports or bracing used anywhere in the structure of the stair. Stainless steel cables are the only structural element holding stair treads' principal Robert Bernstein explains. ... the stair is completely motionless. It has been in place and in heavy use for two years and has needed only one brief maintenance visit."

The Architects' Journal , Great Britain , Winter 2001

"Do we have to step on the ground all the time?" (A Turkish idiom meaning do we have to be overly realistic all the time?).

Maison Francais, Istanbul, Turkey, April, 2006

"In 1984 intent on building a church for their community, members purchased the 1.3 acre lot. They worked with several different architects through the years....but for one reason or another none of these plans came to fruition.” “All that changed in 2000 when a church member recommended the congregation hook up with Rob Bernstein of Bernstein Architecture…Bernstein met with members, attended Christian Science services, looked at other area churches and read several books about Christian Science… From that, he surmised the qualities that needed to be in the building...qualities such as light, purity, peace, simplicity, integrity." “The final product: an open-concept V shaped building designed…with two wings extending outward to maintain a feeling of embracing the community.  Inside, the vaulted ceilings, tranquil tones...and clean lines provide an open, airy feel.  Lots of windows, dramatic but simple in design, allow for natural lighting and bring the outdoors inside." Bernstein stayed late into the night to insure the project was on track. 'His dedication was just super.' “

Lake Country Reporter, Wisconsin "Church Built After 25 Years of Work" August 2, 2002

“ 'Light, airy and magical' is how Bernstein describes creations in a mind-bending design category he dubbed 'suspended space...'  Now based near New York City, Bernstein also works his magic outdoors. He will fabricate and install sculptural [suspended] tree houses or beach lookouts...”

San Diego Union Tribune "sd home" magazine, October 26, 2006

"Designing what hasn't been seen before is what Bernstein Architecture is about. The magic of Robert Bernstein's designs is that he uses cables alone to suspend objects in space. Ideas and emotions are the basis of his design, not style or ornament, and absolutely nothing is used that is not necessary."

DISH magazine” The Very Best in Contemporary Furniture Design" May 2, 2003

"Stairs, floors, counters, tables chairs, beds, light fixtures. And even small houses are magically suspended in mid-air, secured only by stainless steel connectors and cables - rigid supports and bracing are not necessary."

Architectural Record "Product of the Month - Suspended Spaces" September 2001

"But the big stunner is a suspended office space designed and fabricated by Rob Bernstein of Bernstein Design that appears to float."

Chicago Tribune "Marshall Field's London-inspired Trend House is a Jolly Good Show" May 18, 2003

"architect Robert Bernstein's multi-leveled approach to lofty living suspends belief with hanging platforms cabled to the floor and ceiling."

New York Post - "Fanciful Furniture" May 21, 2002

"The residence's show-stopper is the home office, which is suspended from the ceiling via a series of cables. so the space appears to 'float.' "

Chicago Sun-Times "Triple Set Trend House 2003-2004" May 25, 2003

" 'If you want to design differently, you have to ask different questions. Why must a chair have legs?' " Bernstein explained from his booth at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair." "The architect's floating seat of brushed steel, suspended from slim cables, may seem to defy gravity with its legless elegance, but it's functional down to the last wire. Sit on the smooth metal seat, and it cantilevers gently while staying firm."

Christian Science Monitor - "Creating an Air of Suspension" June 20,2001

"Bernstein's first experiment was a tension-mounted chair, followed by a Suspended Stair. Four years later, the company now offers suspended spaces big enough for a meditative getaway or a picnic for four."

surface magazine "Above It All" Issue 42

" 'Climbing Lights' represents the ability to design using cables alone to suspend objects in space."

perspective, the Journal of the International Interior Design Association, Fall 2001

"The centerpiece of this weekend's event [the Chicago Design Show] is a structure called 'Cloud Nine.' Designed by Robert Bernstein, the structure, which he calls an 'environment of suspended spaces,' the structure seems to be floating in mind-air "

The Daily Northwestern "Furniture Artists Have Designs on the Windy City " April l2, 2003

"Looking to make a small space stand out, intrigue customers and feel larger than it actually is? 'The franchisee wanted the store to look very different from the competition telling me he would rather have the store look eccentric than be forgettable.'"

Chain Store Age - "Gingiss' High-Wire Act" May 1997

" 'If you get things off the floor, it makes the space feel bigger' says Bernstein, who came up with a collection of furniture - an architecture that use these enormously strong cables to create suspended environments." "[The] Chair Without Legs from architect Robert Bernstein seems to float in midair, care of a stainless-steel cable system of suspension."

Chicago Tribune "The Anti-Establishment - European and American Designers Turn Their Back on Tradition" May 27, 2001

"Special exhibits include 'Cloud Nine,' 600 square feet of suspended spaces, furniture and objects-floating motionless, held by stainless-steel cables in which to recharge the senses.Designed by architect Robert Bernstein."

Chicago Tribune "Redesign - .the Chicago Design Show" November 3, 2002

"Climbing Lights from Bernstein Design relies on physics, with parts that appear to float in mid-air."

Residential Lighting magazine July 2001 Climbing Lights

"Bernstein believes you can sleep on air (or even just feel as if you can) with this suspended 'floating' bed."

from house to HOME  magazine April 2007

" 'I think suspended spaces work in the garden because the openness allows an uninterrupted view of nature' says architect Robert Bernstein.  His suspended bed puts us in the middle of the garden. Look down for a new view of a border. Gaze up for a glimpse of treetops.' "

Garden Design magazine, "Dream As You Float" July/August 2003

Chair Without Legs, The Floating Glass Coffee Table, The Suspended Bed, The Two-Masted Bookshelf, The Climbing Light

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