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Our design is based on ideas.  Not styles or trends.

Our clients are looking for design that they have not seen before. 

People often ask how we come up with design that is so different. The design we come up with is based on the questions we ask: "Why must a chair have legs? Can a stair float in mid-air but not move at all?"

The assumptions of architecture are put aside in our design process.  Developing new ways of thinking about walls, floors, structure, and space, is what we do best.

Our approach is as different as our design.  We do not ask clients to look for what they like in magazines; we ask clients to dream of what they want. Even then, we believe in exploring beyond what our clients might imagine.

We believe that a limited construction budget is not a hindrance to great design.  Our goal remains the same – inspired architecture.   
Contractors are partners in bringing our design to fruition. We respect their ideas, their skills, and their hard work.

Robert Bernstein is a licensed architect with a Masters in Architecture from the University of Illinois at Chicago.   He also has a degree in Engineering from Cornell University.   His designs have won awards and been published internationally.  He has fabricated many of his designs, and managed the construction of many other of his designs. 

Jacqueline Janecke serves as design consultant to Bernstein Architecture.  She studied sculpture at the University of Wisconsin and is also a fine artist and garden designer.